Aarthi Raju

Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Adina Halter

Sr. Product Manager and Chief Technologist for Accessibility, Comcast NBCUniversal

Amy Vernon

VP of Community, Rivetz

Audrey Troutt

Software Development Manager, Tune

Brigitte Daniel Corbin

Executive Vice President, Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc.

Concetta Rand

Chief Revenue Officer, iFundWomen

Eloise Young

SVP Strategic Planning & Information Services, Philadelphia Gas Works

Helena Deus

Director of Disruptive Technologies, Elsevier

Jess Bell

Developer, The Washington Post

Jessica Magness

Data Analyst, Magento Commerce

Jessica Sant

Sr. Director, Software Development and Engineering, Comcast

Jocelyn Harper

Developer, O3 World

Kate Green

Senior Automation Engineer, Fugue

Katel LeDû

CEO, A Book Apart

Kelcey Gosserand

Managing Partner, Trellis

Lauren Hasson

Founder, DevelopHer

Leah Fox

EVP Technology and Operations, LoanLogics

Lizz Hill

Senior Manager, Technical Design & 3D Prototyping, Tapestry, Inc. (Coach, Stuart Weitzman, Kate Spade brands)

Lucinda Duncalfe

CEO and President, Monetate

Meredith Hassett

Developer Evangelist, SAP

Michelle Pujadas

Founder and co-CEO, Zer0 to 5ive

Mythili Pisolkar

Project Management Leadership, Trellist Marketing and Technology

Natalie Hirsch

Director of Product Management, WizeHive

Sarah Anderson

Management and Program Analyst, National Archives and Records Administration

Sheila Lindsey

Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase

Stephanie Cramp

Director Strategic Alliances, OneStream Software

Stephanie Humphrey

TechLife Expert

Suzanne Keenan

Principal, Suzanne Keenan, LLC.

Tracey Welson-Rossman

Chariot Solutions


Git, Oh Shit!

Confused by git and version control? Know a little bit about how to commit to you repository but don’t understand how git works on larger development teams? Know you can use git as a backup when…

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Developing Accessibly for the Web

Developing a website is usable by those with disabilities such as blindness is surprisingly easy to do…as long as you program it correctly. Learn the tricks to making your site accessible. Attendees…

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The Quick and Dirty Introduction to Data Analysis

Participants will: Practice the fundamentals of Structured Query Language (SQL). Use database schema to design appropriate queries using SQL. Topics Covered: Create a local database using data…

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Agile and SAFe (Scaled Agile) Frameworks for Software Development

Agile frameworks – What are they and how they revolutionize organizational thinking towards people and software development processes; Breaking down the Big Ask into attainable business value…

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Bugs, Books, and Bulbs: Lessons in Product Management Prioritization

While many in technology focus on how we’re going to solve customer problems, product managers focus on what those problems are, and why they are worth solving. This session will guide attendees in…

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Get in the Unit Test Mindset: Plan and Implement Unit Tests

Are you a developer who has heard about unit tests but don’t know where to get started? Are you a project manager who knows unit tests are a valuable tool but aren’t sure how to implement them on…

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Intro to Android Development

This is a hands-on introduction to app development on Android. By the end of this workshop you will be able to run an Android app from source and know how to change basic app behavior. Starter app…

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Being Agile with Planning Poker

In Agile Fundamentals, we explore what is Agile and how it differs from working in Waterfall. We address how you can be effective if your organization is transforming to Agile. We perform a hands on…

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Connecting the World of APIs with Javascript

This hand-on workshop would introduce the audience to REST APIs and AJAX/jQuery. We would walk through how to incorporate AJAX calls into a JavaScript based application. Once the basics have been…

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Technology does not stand still and neither should you – Tech careers for now and the future

We all know that working in tech is writing code and more. It also moves at a breakneck speed and we need to stay current with not only the technical trends but also the ever-changing career…

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Blockchain Applications for the Real World – How Blockchain is transforming your industry and what you need to know to stay ahead

Blockchain is the buzzword of the moment, but most people have no idea what that means beyond Bitcoin. The technology is transforming industries as disparate as healthcare and real estate, media and…

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Mrs. Pierre Curie Makes a Discovery: Editing Wikipedia for Women in History

A hands-on workshop that covers how to begin editing Wikipedia and build ones confidence. Using pages like Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee, we will ensure women are mentioned by…

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Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

It is critical as a leader and emerging leader to be able to evaluate and develop talent to build the next generation of leadership within your organization. This session will focus on the importance…

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The Philly Special: Embrace Tech Trends to Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

As a woman in tech, staying on top of emerging trends in the sector is critical now more than ever as the industry tips towards AWS, BlockChain, AI, smart city infrastructures, and the steady power…

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Feminine Frequency: Women in Tech Podcasting

Exploring tech podcasts in general, especially hosted by women, what the formats are / what works best, and potentially what constitutes a tech podcast.

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3D Technology & Consumerism: Shaping the Face of Fashion

The symbiotic relationship between the (taste) Maker and the Consumer has long been a complicated one, though few will argue that the consumer’s interests and motivation has always been at the root…

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From Data to Insights

Data, such as products, health records, claim records, employees and customers records, is one of the enterprise valuable assets. However, data itself is not useful until it turns into information,…

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Bootstrap your way to success: from product development to fundraising

Two female entrepreneurs share the challenges, opportunities, and outcomes of taking a business from nothing to something. We’ll break down the reality of fundraising with VCs and how crowdfunding…

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Become a NegotiatHer: Learn Secrets to Make More $ in Your Tech Career

As tech women, salary negotiation is an essential skill, but negotiating isn’t always so easy. Imposter syndrome, fear, and unconscious bias are real adversaries that can get in your way to a…

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Taking the Reins: How to Lead a Start-Up You Didn’t Start

The entrepreneurial landscape is constantly changing, and more women are taking on leadership roles than ever before – whether that’s by founding their own company, or becoming an executive at an…

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