Kelcey is a pioneer in the blockchain landscape entering the scene as an early investor and participant in the crypto-economy. She lends her expertise to blockchain-related event strategy, marketing communications, and investor relations. She has executed successful campaigns for a number of regions including APAC, Europe, and the US.

Kelcey is the Founder of Trellis, a platform dedicated to building the world’s largest community of blockchain professionals and are the creators and organizers of the inaugural ICOnference. With a career spanning more than 10 years in tech and innovation, Kelcey has worked with and advised startups of various stages as well as multinational companies. She is preparing the launch of Blockchain to the People, a news site and aggregate geared towards elevating the narrative of blockchain from “crypto-mania” to that of a social justice and civically engaged stance. She is also an active board member for a number of enterprise startups in NYC.