Are you a developer who has heard about unit tests but don’t know where to get started? Are you a project manager who knows unit tests are a valuable tool but aren’t sure how to implement them on your project? Are you new to development and want to acquire a new skill that will help you to write better code?

Join us to plan and code unit tests for a javascript app. We’ll start by discussing what unit tests are, why they matter, and what they can do for you. From there, we’ll plan our tests as a group. Then you’ll write and run some actual unit tests. Along the way, we’ll run into bugs and feature requests, illustrating how our tests prove their worth.

We’ll leave you an idea of how to plan for unit testing, test-writing experience, and how tos to get started in popular languages

For this workshop, you’ll need to have node.js ( on your computer. Download the version that’s “recommended for most users,” which is 8.11.1 as of this writing. Since it’s possible that the internet will be slow while the summit is happening, download this beforehand if at all possible.