Career growth is undeniably important to each of us. We may often reflect on our own accomplishments and impact, but how often do we think about how others see us? Understanding how others perceive you can be invaluable to your success. The way others perceive you can impact your responsibilities, your relationships, and, ultimately, the path that becomes available to you as your career evolves.

During our workshop, we will take a deep dive into perception by understanding how others see you. We’ll talk about our blind spots – where others see something about you that you aren’t aware of – and how uncovering these blind spots can help you grow and evolve your career. Together, we’ll explore ways you can find out about yourself through the eyes of your colleagues, peers, and managers. We’ll discuss some tips and tricks in seeking feedback and accepting it graciously. And finally, we’ll walk through what you can do when feedback leads you to discovering a blind spot.

You will leave this workshop with a plan for getting feedback and an understanding of how it can grow and enhance your career. You will learn how to ask for authentic, meaningful feedback and apply that feedback to your growth and development.