Driverless cars. Robots. There are major disruptors in play changing the way we drive, how we do business and how we interact with the world. Automation and Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of this change and more is yet to come. Are you ready for the future? What skills do you need to compete in the market? What tools and technology should you know? In a world fueled by these automation and AI, there is still a competitive advantage to being human. Use that advantage. Learn how to adapt to the changing workplace and be positioned for the work of the future.

In the session I will:
* Review key technology trends driven by automation and AI
* discuss how Automation and AI is driving change
* describe how humans still have a place in a world of automation
* highlight roles and jobs trends
* describe skills needed
* highlight the value of being a life-long learner

This session is targeted for students and anyone reimaging themselves for future roles.