An accomplished transformational business/technology executive with a proven track record developing business strategies that utilize the latest technology to transform their businesses. Her primary focus for the last 10 years has been the Pharmaceutical Industry specifically Clinical Development. Prior to that she did consulting for companies including Sprint North Supply, Cigna, Cigna Behavioral Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, State of Hawaii and the State of Arizona.

Specialties: Business Strategy, Business Analysis, Subject Matter Expertise in Clinical Development, Customer Obsession, Agility, Experimentation, Creative Problem Solving, Implementing Large Scale Technology Projects (including TMF, Industry Solutions, GoBalto, Covance Clinical Visualization Suite of Tools).


Kimberly has spoken at many industry events, and written a number of white papers related to understanding and aligning business strategy, transformation and how to use digital solutions, data, and analytics. Kimberly has a degree in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University and is an active member of the Society for Information Management (SIM).