Understanding your company’s capabilities is one of the first steps in being able to begin the digital transformation your company is likely embarking upon (or thinking about if they haven’t yet started). In this workshop we will take the attendees through fun Lego building exercises that explain what is a business capability, why capabilities are important, how to create a capability model using Legos, when to use the model and why knowing how to do all of this could make you one of the smartest people in the room. A sample agenda will look like.
1. Understanding Business Capabilities
2. Case Study: ABC’s Company – Goal to Go Digital
Exercise 1: Building Your Business Canvas Model
Exercise 2: Building Your Capability Model
3. Your Next Steps: How to show your Business Capability BadAssery

Business capabilities help an organization detail the WHAT of its core. When you can build and/or identify the businesses capabilities (i.e. people, process and technology) you can understand what true services should be offered to the customer. Being able to understand how to please the customer is critical in being able to successful steer any transformation and most importantly a digital focused one.