Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professionals often struggle to communicate with people other than their peers. Sure, it’s easy to explain complex technology concepts to other techies, but it can be a lot harder to speak to members of the general public. And when presentations are overly complex with no clear goals or calls to action, the results are apathy and confusion.

“Presentation Skills for Brainiacs” gives women in technology and other STEM fields the tools they need to develop great presentations! In this 60-minute interactive session, they’ll be introduced to the “Analyze and Synthesize” method of creating easily understood slides. They’ll learn how important it is to tell stories to create connections with people in the audience. And they’ll find out why it’s more important to focus on just a couple of main points than to make the audience drink from the firehose!

This session is ideal for women who want to successfully communicate with nontechnical audiences, such as employers, lenders, civic organizations, legislators, members of the general public and clients.