Madeline (Maddy) Heit, Principal Software Engineer, joined Capital One in 2015 to build technology for the Capital One’s Cyber Operations and Engineering divisions. Her work includes a cloud-based Data Lake which provides a centralized repository of security and machine data, providing a single view into cyber trends, threats and abnormalities. The technology is used on a daily basis by the Cyber Operations Center analysts to perform cyber analysis in defense of Capital One’s global IT environment. She leads the organization responsible for Capital One’s McLean Women in Technology Communication, including assembling events to increase student education and entry level recruiting. She also responsible for developing the careers of mid-tier associates by providing role model connections, organizing informative presentations on technical topics and is a founding member of Capital One’s “New Hire Breakfast” where new associates unite to grow the internal Women In technology network.

Prior to joining Capital One, Madeline spent several years working in the San Francisco Bay area serving in a number of software engineering roles, including major tech initiatives designed to achieve process efficiency and architecture modernization.

Madeline harbors a wealth of knowledge in Cyber Engineering and Application development from her experience in the Telecommunications and Financial Industry.

She received her education from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.