Kyree is a proud native Philadelphian who has lived all across the city.

Originally on track to pursue a career in marketing, she serendipitously discovered the user experience field and fell in love with it. She is currently a User Experience Researcher, leading research efforts to enhance products and services and inform the design of future projects.

Now wanting to introduce others to the user experience field, she founded Onyx Valley, a community building organization designed to identify and prepare diverse talent for careers in the tech field. Launched in 2016 out of the Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship’s startup incubator, Onyx Valley has hosted several events and workshops to generate interest in user experience. Onyx Valley is currently gearing up to launch the first wave of projects for Onyx Valley Studios, a student-led design consultancy agency.

Kyree is a graduate of Howard University’s School of Business and completed her master’s degree in Design at Carnegie Mellon University.