Jeanine Gubler Heck is Vice President of Artificial Intelligence Product in the Technology and Product organization of Comcast. In this role, Jeanine is leading the company’s efforts to bring artificial intelligence into Xfinity products. She was the founding product manager for the X1 voice remote which allows customers to interact with their TV through intuitive voice commands. Additionally, Jeanine’s team develops other AI products including computer vision algorithms for Xfinity Home cameras, media analytics for TV, and customer experience interactions via an Xfinity virtual assistant.
Since joining Comcast in 2007, Jeanine has used her entrepreneurial approach to product management to build algorithms that enhance user experiences. Prior to her current role, Jeanine led the launch of a cloud-based TV search engine as well as the company’s first TV recommendations engine.
In 2012, Jeanine was the founding leader of Comcast’s Women’s Network for its inaugural three years. Jeanine spends her time outside of work encouraging young people to pursue careers in technology. She sits on the board at her alma mater, St. Hubert High School for Girls, and she mentors computer science students at Lower Merion High School.
Jeanine received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia University. She lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and 4 children.