Erin (they/them) is a senior software engineer and a data scientist who has experience in coding in both full-stack web-based apps and stand-alone apps. Erin wants to inspire the next generation of young people to join the wide breadth of careers available to them in science, math, and engineering, while advocating for those who have been labeled as “other” by helping to break the barrier in these communities to help foster inclusion and diversity. Erin does this by volunteering their time to organizations and programs that they support. This includes sitting on informative panels, mentorship, creating safe spaces for others, hosting coding sessions, and serving as co-chair for HOVER’s grassroots Diversity and Inclusion team. Erin has two Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Environmental Science, Technology & Policy from California State University Monterey Bay and a Master of Science degree in Land, Resources and Environmental Sciences from Montana State University.