How many people do you think actually like to be happy? How many people do you think likes to make others happy? Being “happy” is one of the driving forces that push almost everyone to look past any complications, misjudgments, and uncomfortable situations to find our “happy” place. Curating delightful experiences on and off screen are not only about the pretty but about the science. It’s about understanding whom you are designing for and curating them efficiently to create a level of satisfaction.

User delight is always a quick topic to reference but never easy to measure, now is it? For years in design and businesses, it’s been crossed referenced with relatable concepts such as satisfaction, usability or even overall user experiences. Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple all have become masters at measuring this idea inclusively and therefore craft thousands of delightful, diverse experiences around the world.

Join me for a 45-minute session as we deep dive into the cognitive psychology, diversity, and inclusivity behind a user’s delight, while leverage user research to measure these insights and leave you with 5 tips to that you can use to create a happier place for your users.