Are you a leader ready to take the next big step to move your team forward? Would you like to see how hiring diverse people and creating an inclusive culture helps grow healthy teams and build amazing products? Because this is not just another talk on diversity.

In this session we will walk through the three key phases in an engineer’s career to allow them to continue to grow and flourish with your organization. Specifically, we will arm leaders with actionable items for each of these three phases: hiring, retention and growth. With these tools you will be able to create a more diverse and inclusive environment.

After attending this session, participants will be able to
1. Understand what diversity(beyond race and gender) is; and the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive environment
2. Identify the steps on how to hire diverse candidates
3. Create an environment to retain diverse talent
4. Help engineers from different backgrounds advance in their careers.

Although we’re gearing this talk for a tech audience; our tips are applicable across the board.