These days, large organizational shifts are the norm, especially in the tech industry. Are you prepared to lead through change? During this discussion I will share three important tools to equip individuals to lead their teams through significant organizational change, enabling them to stay afloat and make positive impact amidst chaos.

After attending this session, participants will…be able to/be enabled to/be prepared to…

1) Why is it beneficial to your career to stick through significant organizational change and business turnarounds?Irrespective of the outcome, from my perspective it is equivalent of getting an MBA and living through real case studies.
2) What are the 3 most important tools for leading through significant change?
– Communication and Transparency
– Resiliency
– Effectively managing up and down
3) How can you build these tools amongst your team and your organization? I will share real life examples pulling from my experience at Etsy and other organizations
4) How can you apply these skills not only to your career, but to life? Strategies on how individuals can develop and apply these skills.