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If you asked Kelly Hoey in 2009 if she believed any of these descriptions would be used to describe her within the next five years, she would have replied, “are you kidding me?” Fall of 2009 was a pivotal time in Kelly’s career transformation. It was the moment when she ​was inspired to ​stop playing it safe and used her courage to change everything by accepting an opportunity with many unknowns. So how ​can you prepare for career opportunity? Learn how​ ​a nice girl from Victoria, British Columbia, land​ed​ in New York City as an angel investor, board member​, ​​trusted advisor to hot tech startup​s​​ (​after a c​orporate detour through Toronto as a bankruptcy attorney)​ by developing her networks, ​cultivating ​diverse professional relationships,​ building​ a Yes Me Fund and ​finally, taking that ​courageous leap of ​career ​faith.