April 21, 2017 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Keynote #1 – The Confidence Effect
by Grace Killelea

Keynote #2 – Build Your Dream Network: A Fireside Chat
by Kelly Hoey

Agile HR
by Leigh Ann Shaffner

Angular Jumpstart
by Amanda Kalk

Beauty and Brains: Using Data Visualization to Explore and Communicate Your Data
by Melissa Hartz

Building Better Cross-Functional Teams
By Kimberly Blessing, Liz Brown, Jessica Sant

From “Looking” to Hired: Advice from Tech Hiring Managers
by Judy McDonald, Mayuri Lakhani, Robin Campbell

Future Proofing: Designing for the Unknown Needs of a New Audience
By Tania Philip

Heighten Your Social: Be Your Brand
by Angie Hilem

Hybrid Apps in a Snap
by Maddy Russell, Courtney Christian

Information and Technology Career Opportunities in the 21st Century Economy
by Dean Yi Deng PhD, Andrea Forte PhD, Gabriela Marcu PhD, Rachel Greenstadt PhD

On-ramps, Off-ramps, Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors. Updating your credentials: When is it worth it?
by Terry Rice Hinders

Remote Success: High Impact Distributed Teams
by Swati Vauthrin, Lindsey Maratta, Emily Brick

STEM Reentry Internships, IT Return-to-Work Success Stories, and Steps to Take NOW if you anticipate a future career break
by Carol Fishman Cohen

Successful Remote Collaboration
by Audrey Troutt

The 4 People You Need on Your Personal Board of Directors
by Cristina Greysman

The longer you take the less you make; understanding delays in your software development lifecycle
by Michiko Quinones

The New Face in Engineering
by Sandra Lopez

Uniqueness is an Advantage – For You & Your Company
by Brigitte Daniel Corbin, Erin Mullaney, Jumoke K. Dada, Elise Wei, Gulrukh Ahanger

UX 101: Introduction to creating great experiences
by Lori Widelitz-Cavallucci

Wait! Is that dream job really a nightmare?
by Kimberly Gress

When Things Break: Managing A Crisis
by Deirdre Woods, Sarah Toms