April 9, 2016 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Keynote #1 – Climbing the Tech Mountain in Heels: A Grown-Up Philly Girl Story
by Eloise Young

Keynote #2 – Climbing Down the High Dive: A Cautious Girl’s Path to Success
by Susan Tabor-Kleiman

Beauty and Brains: Using Data Visualization to Effectively Communicate Your Data
by Melissa Hartz

Civic Tech: How Engaged Citizens Can Improve Cities
by Dawn McDougall

Create Your Line of Sight – The Secret to Getting There is to Know Where You’re Going
by Jessica Giannasca, Suzanne Gack, Margaret Meadow, Gayle Stidsen-Smith, Kimberly Burress

CyberSecurity – A Deep Dive Into Securing Your Company and Yourself in Today’s Digital World
By Kristen Maynes

Exploration on Many Facets of the Internet of Things
by Arushi Srivastava

Exploring the New Frontiers of Technology – Using Virtual Reality for More than Games
By Liv Erickson

How a Non-Technologist Started and Grew a Mobile Development Company
by SiNae Pitts

How to Get Your Startup Off the Ground and Attract Investors
by Nisa Amoils, Yasmine Mustafa, Nikki Johnson-Huston, Ellen Weber, Joanne Lang

How to Think Like a UX Designer
by Liz Brown

Internet of Things – Exploring Many Aspects of a Key Technological Trend
by Arushi Srivastava, Amanda Lange, Lois Bruckner

Mapping with Open Source Software: Using R
by Sherrilyn Billger

No Excuses – How to Get Yourself on Stage
by Bobbie Carlton

Opening the Black Box – Hardware Tear-Down of a Digital Camera
by Gabrielle Trotter

Passwords – What’s Next on the Horizon and How to Securely Handle Their Complexities
by Cheryl Carmel

Practical PHP: How to Back Away Slowly from Your WordPress Dashboard
by Becca Refford

Shifting Careers: Changing Gears or Changing Lanes
by Cecily Kellogg, Seema Thomas, Beah Burger-Lenehan, Katy Thorbahn

So You Have an Internet of Things Idea – What Next?
by Joan Soskin

Understanding the Invisible Box (CSS)
by Mavis Pogue

Using Prototyping to Get Good Faster
by Jessica Hall