April 18, 2015 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Keynote #1 – A Courageous Leap of Career Faith
by Kelly Hoey

Keynote #2 – Realize That Dream – Make it Happen Now

Programming Languages: Ruby vs. Java

Big Data – How Big is it in Your Future?

CyberSecurity – Are You at Risk?

Mobility – Changing the Course of Enterprise Communication

Negotiating: Ask For What You Deserve

Women Helping Women Thrive: How to Support Other Women at Any Level in Your Career

Closing the Confidence Gap: How to Sell Yourself by Building a Digital Brand

Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Business

SMACSS: Design Patterns that Make Life Easier

Easy Ways to Make Your Sites More Accessible

Mapping the Future: A Primer in Visualizing and Analyzing Open Data

Introduction to Git: Take Chances with a Safety Net

Career Development: If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

Sublime Secrets: How to Speed Up Your Workflow in Sublime Text

Javascript for Beginners

Practical SVG for The Web


Adaora Udoji
Managing Director, The Boshia Group

Alexandra Hoefinger
Web Developer, Urban Outfitters

Ashley Chapokas
Web Development Consultant

Brenda Dennis
Senior Director, WW Sales Strategy and Growth Acceleration, Cisco Systems

Brigitte Daniel
EVP, Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc

Cecily Kellogg
Writer & Content Strategy Director, Double Good Media

Chanelle Henry
Director of User Experience, Bluewolf, an IBM Company

Charlotte Bui
Global Senior Director, SAP

Cheryl Carmel
Information Security Officer, SunGard Financial Systems

Darla Henning
ERP Practice Director, Fidato Partners, LLC

Jana Veliskova
Front-End Engineer, RJMetrics

Joanne Lang
CoFounder, AboutOne & FamilyCalendar

Joni Trythall
Web Designer

Kari Bancroft
Sr Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Kathryn McCarthy
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Geeknet and ThinkGeek

Kayla O’Donnell
Founder, HumanKINDtv

Kelly Hoey
Writer, Influencer & Professional Speaker, jkellyhoey.co

Kim MacCormack
Senior Manager, Engineering | Consumer Applications, LivingSocial

Kristi Centinaro
Director of Engineering, MarkITx

Kristin Dormuth
Internet Developer, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute

Kym Grant-Horsey
IT Consultant, UST Global

Lisa Yoder
Front End Web Developer, Urban Outfitters

Mercy Beckham
Senior Consultant, EMC

Monica S. Flores
Product Team Lead, Changemakers, Ashoka

Quiessence Phillips
AVP, Information Security – Incident Response, Barclays

Renee Chenault-Fattah
Anchor/Reporter, WCAU-TV 10 Philadelphia

Rose Hamilton
Senior Advisor, Remodista

Sara Shelton
Director, CapTech Ventures

Sarah Cordivano
Project Manager, Data Analytics, Azavea

Sarah Hammer
Investment Professional

Stacey Mosley
Data Scientist, City of Philadelphia

Sue Clark
Director – Analytics, SunGard Availability Services

Vicki Boykis
Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst, Comcast