April, 12, 2014 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Keynote #1 – Having a Big, Crazy, Audacious Vision For Yourself. And acting on it — Kathleen Warner

Keynote #2 – Secrets of Women Who Own the Room – Lea Goldman

Big Data, Big Opportunities, Big Impact – Anita Garimella Andrews, Jennifer Kurtz, Stacey Mosley

It’s a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder – Moderator: Kimberly Gress
Panelists: Rebecca Braglio, Lisa Yoder, Lis Pardi

Philadelphia’s Best Mobile Apps — Moderator: Kimberly Gress
Panelists: Paige Holden, Ted Mann, Jennifer Plichta, Michael Zaleski

Sit at the Table — Moderator: Lea Goldman
Panelists: Candice Cook, Brigitte Daniel, Rebecca Miller-Webster

Data Ownership: Hey! You! Get Off of My Cloud! — Dorothee Andermann, Gulrukh Ahanger, Matias Klein

Don’t Leave before you Leave — Moderator: Bridget Gleason
Panelists: Cristina Greysman, Natalie Hirsch, Leah Fox

CSS: The essentials of website styling – Susan Buck

Making Interactive Maps — Michelle Schmitt

Creating a Basic Parallax Webpage — Alexandra Hoefinger